High Frequency Spindles

High Frequency Drilling Spindle

This High Frequency Drilling Spindle offered by us is recommended where positional geometric accuracies are very important. These spindles are used where closely spaced bores or drilled holes are grouped. The High speed drilling Spindles are mostly used in drilling of very small holes in work piece like Printed Circuit boards. Our High Frequency Drilling Spindles are available in both Manual Tool clamping provision and Automatic Tool Clamping (ATC) provision. Spindles are available in standard ER/ RD series collet cavity shafts


  • Guaranteed concentric accuracy within 0.002 mm (2 microns).
  • Available in Water as well as air cooled motors.
  • Best option for high speed drilling/ Engraving applications.
  • Compact design.

High Frequency Drives

High Frequency Drives are used to give Drive to High Frequency Spindles. High Frequency drives can be programmed to run a spindle motor at a certain speed, to stop at a precise position, or to apply a specific amount of torque. The modern AC variable speed drives can provide fast torque response and accurate speeds. CAPITAL offers High Frequency Drives upto 3000 Hz, and Power upto 100 Kw. These can also be supplied in Single Phase as well as Three Phase electrical supply. For more details on standard drives, please contact on info@capitalspindles.com.


Features :-

  • Power upto 100 Kw
  • High Frequency Drives upto 3000 Hz


Applications :-

  • Used to give Drive to High Frequency Spindles
  • Oil and gas
  • Aerospace


    High Frequency Spindles

    High Speed Spindles

    Hi-Frequency Internal Grinding Spindles

    Our company is engaged in offering superior grade High Frequency Internal Grinding Spindles. These are offered with an In-built motor & are designed up to 50 KW Power, which is capable to meet all Internal Grinding critical requirements. It provides effective performance during running. Our Spindles are designed up to 1, 25,000 RPM. Motor is designed with very low loss of magnetic core lamination. The stator is glued with high class epoxy resins which do not allow insertion of moisture even during wet grinding wet grinding. The rotor is stacked with pure copper or silver bars to reduce electric losses. Continuous water cooling circuit is offered for constant cooling to High Frequency motor during operations.



    • Internal Grinding operation for small medium & large dia bores.



    • Guaranteed concentric accuracy within 0.002 mm (2 microns)
    • Designed up to 1, 25,000 RPM
    • 50 KW Power
    • Very high axial and radial stiffness values
    • High metal removal rates
    • Increased part output
    • High torque and high power values

    High Frequency Deep Hole Grinding Spindles

    Banking on our enriched industry experience, we are engaged in offering a huge gamut of High Frequency Deep Hole Grinding Spindles. These Grinding Spindles are helpful in conditions where the standard spindle quill/ arbor are unable to reach. Our Spindles are generally tailor made designs and made to job suitability. These spindles are designed to be used to grind long bores or deep face. Hence, these spindles can be manufactured to grind deep bores even up to 2 Meters depth. These spindles are available in different sizes and the motors of these spindles are designed to suit different job specifications.


    • Grind long dia bores



    • Guaranteed concentric accuracy within 0.002 mm (2 microns).
    • Grind deep bores even up to 2 Meters depth
    • These spindles can be mounted on vertical turret lathe.
    • Spindles are used as Grinders on  boring & VTL machine
    • Very easy to handle and maintain.

    High Frequency Milling Spindles

    Our company has achieved its leadership in offering a wide range of High Frequency Milling Spindles for Vertical Machining Centers & CNC milling machines. Low/High RPM can be achieved just with the rotation of potential meter or with interface to CNC program just to get desired cutting speed. These spindles are designed with taper shafts. Closed loop AC spindles are designed to provide high torque at low speed. These Spindles are available with air purge, auto tool clamping system and power draw bar.

    The high grade Spindles manufactured by us are used in different types of:


    • Grinding operations
    • Drilling operations


    Features of High Frequency Milling Spindles:

    • These spindles have high torque value & power values.
    • Rotational speed is very high,
    • Very high axial & radial stiffness values.
    • Metal removal rates are higher.

    External Grinding Spindles

    These superior make High Frequency External Grinding Spindles have High Frequency motor arrangement at the rear end. It is Air/ Water cooled motor depends upon RPM & Power. Previously it was laminated to get high RPM, due to new technology the desired RPM can be achieved with Built-In High Frequency motor with High Frequency converter. It can be programmed to CNC system to get desired RPM at critical profiles. For parting off and grind small & hardened jobs, it is very easy to get desired cutting speed on surface grinding. It may be horizontal or vertical; it will give remarkable surface finish for sharpening of cutter blades & High profile precision Components.


    • Guaranteed concentric accuracy within 0.002 mm (2 microns)
    • These are used in mould and tool making.
    • Because of in-built motor, minimum vibrations.
    • Compact design
    • Custom made designs can also be manufactured.

    Belt Driven Drilling Spindles

    We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of belt driven drilling spindles which are used in a number of industries. These Belt Driven Spindles are especially designed as per the specifications of clients. Widely used for drilling purposes, these feature better thrust capacity, long service life, sturdy construct etc.


    • Different drilling spindles have different drilling capacities depending on the application
    • Drilling spindles can be gear driven or belt or motorized driven
    • High-frequency drive spindles
    • Round body, cartridge, or block spindle housing
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